Quaver Vocal Ensemble was founded in 8 May 2018 by its 8 members whom are actually friends to each other: Kanyadian Idananta (soprano 1), Alexandra Katya (soprano 2), Indah Sri Wiharja (alto 1), Cherly Susanti (alto 2), Indra Putra Wendi (tenor 1), Jason Ferdison (tenor 2), Cosmas Adrian Hartanto Koesnoto (bass 1), and Eduard Pratama Sundjojo (bass 2). The name Quaver came from the term of 8th notes; it took eight of it to become a whole, and the logo was made by Cosmas. Quaver is a fun escape from the members daily lives, as each member has a different occupation at the moment, as well as a place to learn and create music together.

In December 2018, they joined their first competition in Ciputra Mall Jakarta; a Christmas vocal group competition. They made it to the final round, but did not win. After a while, Quaver finally had the very first concert: FAJAR HARAPAN, a celebration of Ismail Marzuki’s music. The concert was held in March 14th, 2019 at Galeri Indonesia Kaya. They performed three songs together and each of them performed in a solo performance, collaborating with Nesca Alma and Anita Anggraeni as the pianists. Since then they were singing in different occasions such as events and weddings.

In March 2020, Quaver have been singing and collaborated with other groups and performed in four different concerts: Gita Nada Anak Indonesia with Taman Suropati Chamber in Jakarta, Choralboration with Fisheries Choir in Malang, Amicitia with Ubaya Choir in Surabaya, and To Give, To Receive held by Checkpoint Music Studio in Jakarta. The last concert marks Jason’s last concert with Quaver. Indra then took part as tenor 2, and Dheonardo joined the team as tenor 1.