Asia Pacific Youth Choir

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I was selected as one of Indonesian delegates for Asia Pacific Youth Choir 2019. We have 10 delegates from Indonesia, half of them are the friends I know before this event: Erma, Katya, Inggrid, Lucky, and Jason. APYC 2019 became the ambassador of Asia Pacific Choral Summit 2019 in Hong Kong, which organized by Hong Kong’s Children’s Choir. Before we performed in Hong Kong, we performed i Macao for The International Youth Music Festival: The Belt and Road – Music Throughout Macao, organized by DSEJ and Art Macao.

I learned a lot from the wonderful yet humble conductor, Vivian Ip, and from other singers from 9 different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Japan and Philippines. It was an extraordinary experience where I learned so many lessons from every single person I met there, not only the singers but also the conductors and all the organizers. We performed various pieces from different country conducted by a great yet humble conductor, Ms. Vivian Ip.

I was honoured to be selected as one of the soloist for The Time Has Come by Erik Esenvalds, a beautiful piece written with the text from Nelson Mandela’s speech. I honestly never thought of being soloist in such an event, seeing myself as a non-soloist material, but it was a fun experience indeed, especially when we rehearse and perform with different conductors for the conducting competition.

A wonderful experience and beautiful friendship. Thank you!

Check out the highlights of the event here:

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